Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ismailis prepare for Aga Khan Visit - D-2

Zee's Notes: Today is Sunday November 16th (2 days to go for MHI's arrival in Ottawa)

Vancouver was abuzz all weekend with the performances of the 'Allah Hu' shows - all four of them sold out - even though there is so much activity in preparation for MHI's Darbar being 9 days away. The youngsters who hail from Calgary mesmerized the local crowds with their 'Qawali' show and in the JK's, the restaurants and anywhere where Ismailis gathered it was to talk up the 'Allah Hu' shows - such was the impact they had on the city. So if these talented artists come to your city do not miss their spellbinding and inspirational performance.
On Saturday the local leadership gave presentations to various stakeholders on where things stood in terms of Darbar preparations. The noticeable theme in the Golden Jubilee Darbars is the effort by the leadership to keep the Jamat upto date with information. The one learning the leadership has taken away from all the Darbars held so far is that it is vital to give the Jamat info in a timely manner in order to mitigate the swell of rumors which have had major impacts - examples include the December '07 Dubai visit dates which proved to be false and the potential Summer '08 visit to Canada which also was a hoax - seemed someone had too much time on their hands - though it was a well thought out document.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the leadership across Canada that Inshallah, their hard work and efforts be rewarded with a successful visit and a happy Imam.

Here is a great video highlighting the Golden Jubilee in various cities throughtout the world...enjoy

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