Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aga Khan Golden Jubilee - Ismaili Frontierless Brotherhood

Zee's Notes: During the 7 days of the Golden Jubilee Games it was very, very evident the notion of Frontierless Brotherhood among the 1100 plus athletes who gathered in Nairobi. It almost seemed that every individual who came to the games was predisposed to connecting with their Ismaili brothers and sisters from other countries. Whether you were Canadian, American, Pakistani, Indian, East African, Tajik, Afghani, Syrian, French, English etc. etc. they all were one and though the games were competitive it was all about the unity and celebrating the diversity - at the end during the closing ceremonies there were no countries but simply Ismailis and all we will remember is how joyous it was to be one.

Here's a clip from the Opening Ceremonies if you haven't seen it...

Click on the link below to get a taste of the what the Frontierless Brotherhood is all about.

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arif said...

Dear Zee,

Both of these above youtube videos appear to have been ripped from the official Ismaili portal. I would do a search on and you should be able to find good quality video. I also recommend you post the original links instead of patronizing the rip-offs.