Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aga Khan Syria Visit - August 2008

Zee's Notes: In April 2008 I organized a group of seniors to the LA Darbar. In the course of the organizing, I was floored by the number of people, particularly seniors, who had done multiple deedars in this Golden Jubilee year. I met a retired gentleman from Vancouver who called me 2 days before we were to depart for LA. In short, he had just come back with his spouse from Dubai and he wanted to join our group for LA which was full at the time. He also mentioned that he had also gone to the East Africa(Kampala, Nairobi and Dar), Mozambique and Madagascar darbars. I called him back a day later to give him options so he could travel with us and he shocked me by informing me he was going to San Antonio as he had a relative there and then he was going to fly to LA from there. Wow !!! and I found out later this couple made it to London and Portugal as well. I remember this story as I watched this video of MHI's Syria Visit and I thought of the couple if they made it there the way try this - close your eyes and listen to the geets first, though it's 9 minutes, and then replay and watch - you'll feel something in your heart - but only if the music touches you like it did to me...enjoy

Shah Karim - Tribute by Central Asian artist

Zee's Notes: A beautiful tribute to MHI by Central Asian artist Ahmadi Saidik. I found this YouTube - if you like the music  visit

Aga Khan - Central Asia Visit

His Excellency President Emomali Rahmon presents Mawlana Hazar Imam with a gift of traditionalTajik garments. Photo: Rahim Khoja

Zee's Notes: MHI recently completed his Golden Jubilee visit to Central Asia. There was a time when independant bloggers brought timely news and info on MHI's activities however, I am very impressed by the quality of info presented by our very own and websites. So if you want the complete news and highlights:

Prince Karim Aga Khan IV arrives in Taldykorgan
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 30 Oct 2008

Kazakh PM receives Prince Karim Aga Khan IV
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 29 Oct 2008

Prince Aga Khan IV expected in Kazakhstan
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 27 Oct 2008