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MHI in Syria - August 24-29, 2008


Zee's notes: If you want to catch the best coverage of MHI's Syria visit


Leader of Ismaili Muslims praises Canada for its inclusive government

Charles Enman , Canwest News ServicePublished: Saturday, September 27, 2008

REGINA -- A middle power can only smile when a world leader says not only is small beautiful, but the particular small country in question is not just competitive with the rest of the world, but holds a leading spot.

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Ali Lalani - preparing for 2012 London Paralympic Games


Ali has been competing in boccia for around 6 years and in that time has won a team bronze at the 2006 world championships, team silver at the 2005 European Championships and team gold at the 2006 Belgium Open. Ali is a devout muslim and is currently studying for an HND in leisure management at Solent University in Southampton.

Read his profile here and click on the video for his interview...

Article on Ali Lalani is TheIsmaili.org...

Beijing Paralympic Games - Hanif Mawji of Canada

A few days before his departure to Beijing and his first Paralympics, bocce singles player Hanif Mawji went to the barbershop to get trimmed for his big trip.

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Hanif's results at the Beijing games...

Hanif Mawji settles for fourth place at the 2006 World Championships

Zee's notes: Incredible achievement for Hanif to be part of the Being Paralympic Games. Interesting sidenote is that I know Hanif and his family for over 20 years and I did not know of his sports accomplishments until I saw it in the local news - should not have surprised me as I also know the Mawji family are very humble people - my congrats to them and this is to be celebrated by all Ismailis.

ISM Photography Competition - 2008

ISM Global Creations Inc. is a privately owned and independent company. This project and it's creator, Ashifa Asaria are not associated with any of the Aga Khan or Jamati Institutions.
This project is created out of Ashifa's passion for photography and giving back to the community. What is special about photography is that anyone at any age can take pictures and that each individual has their unique way of looking at the world.

Website: http://www.ismglobalphotos.com/

Zee's Notes: One of the many aspects of MHI's Golden Jubilee has been the many 'official' projects to commemerate this historic achievement e.g. Golden Jubilee Games, The Heritage Discovery Programme, Ali to Karim : A Tribute to Ismaili Imams, Historic Cities Programme etc. At the same time there have been many private and individual efforts such as Victoria's Ashifa Asaria's ISM Photo Competition. There are many who cannot participate at the Institutional level for various reasons though they have the desire and talent to do so privately and to me this should be applauded - the only caveat being that we ensure that there is transperency in what we are doing and to adhere to our ethics and Ashifa's ISM photo competition certainly does that - so please pass this on and participate with enthusiasm.

Coffee with the FT: His Highness the Aga Khan

Rachel Morarjee is the FT’s (Financial Times of markets correspondent and was formerly the FT correspondent in Afghanistan

Read her article here...

Zees Notes: She seems to be quite the ambitious type managing an interview with MHI starting with knocking on the door at the Ismaili Center in London. Yes she is just that having spent many years as a correspondent in China and Afghanistan for various media which included Time Magazine, Christian Science Monitor and off course the Financial Times. I was curious to see who this lady is and I found her on Yahoo Video. Check her out...

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Mehfil Magazine Profile - Entrepreneur Nawaz Hirji

Came across this profile of Calgary's Nawaz Hirji

Nawaz Hirji was raised under the golden rule of “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” So it comes as no surprise that he’s in the hospitality business. Hirji would like to stay in a pleasant hotel with top-notch facilities; he’d like to golf on a spectacular course, then make use of its business amenities for corporate meetings; when he kicks back, he’d like a wide variety of games to play under one roof. That’s what he would have others do unto him, so he does unto others by providing them with just those things. The Calgary-based entrepreneur heads up four companies: Primevest Capital Corp., a business with real estate holdings across Canada, including hotels; Primevest Equities, which owns and operates apartment buildings and shopping plazas; Gateway Entertainment Centre, a family sports complex in Edmonton; and Eaglequest Golf Centers Inc., which owns and operates seven golf courses in B.C., Alberta and Nova Scotia.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rare footage of MHI - Enjoy

Great video posted on Youtube - some footage which i've never seen before.

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CJ Music party in Vancouver, BC - September 6th, 2008

For those of you that have not experienced the magic of CJ's incredible voice here's your chance to catch him this Saturday Sep. 6th. You can also check him out on his website and on Youtube.