Friday, December 11, 2009

Aga Khan University - Pakistan - Convocation 2009

Zee's Notes: AKU graduated 328 more students at their recent Convocation at the Karachi Campus. 20 years ago  I was lucky enough to be in Karachi to play with the Canadian Ismaili Cricket Team at the World Ismaili Cricket Festival organized by cricket enthusiast Aslam Jindani, who was a Director at the AKU hospital at the time.  Aslam arranged for the cricketers to attend the convocation and is what I call a 'once in a lifetime' type of experience - yes MHI was there as Chancellor. Twenty years later MHI's vision of creating a better life for millions of people chugs along at a jet speed pace.

Convocation 2009


Surrey couple returns after long visa wait with adopted Nepali child

By Doug Ward, Vancouver Sun November 27, 2009

VANCOUVER — A Surrey cardiologist returned to Vancouver on Thursday with her newly adopted 15-month-old daughter after nine weeks of waiting in Nepal for Canada to issue visa documents.

Dr. Salima Shariff and her husband Aziz Nurmohamed arrived with Sophia at Vancouver International Airport where they were greeted by family and friends.

"I just feel so happy," said Sheriff during the emotional reunion. "You know, all she's known is an orphanage and a hotel room and now she has an entire family and community waiting for her here."