Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hotel Deal for CIG in Vancouver May 2-5th, 2008

To celebrate the Canadian Ismaili Games, the Holiday Inn Express Riverport is pleased to offer a special rate for Participants, Family & Friends.

To take advantage of these exclusive rates, simply call the hotel at: 604-241-1830.

Zee's notes: Richmond, home of the Vancouver International Airport, has over the past few years transformed into Canada's most cosmopolitan city with it's influx of residents - particularly from Hong Kong - these entrepreneurial immigrants have brought their initiative and imagination to turn Richmond into a truly international city with world class restaurants and shopping. Richmond is rumored to have the highest number of Bimmers and Mercs per capita in Canada - a testament to the city's vibrancy.
The Hotel is located within 30 minutes of all the CIG events and is right on Highway 99 - just in case the boss (Mrs.) wants a quick shopping spree across the border to Bellingham/Seattle

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