Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Best Summary and Pictures of MHI's USA visit on TheIsmaili.org

Click Here for a great summary of MHI's visit to the US and don't miss the outstanding collage as captured by official photographers Zahur Ramji and Gary Otte.

Zee's notes: I'm thrilled to see the outstanding work done by TheIsmaili.org - for many years a void existed in official news and information on our dynamic community - remember if there are 15 million Ismailis then there are as many potential stories - with the advent of the Internet a handful of private websites including Morning Chai have emerged to fill this void - though the Institutions are wary of the non-offical sites it must be apparent that there is demand from the local citizenry and my only wish is that the private sites exercise caution and good judgement in what is published - whether it be albums, forums, blogs etc.

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