Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ismailis in the News - Canadian singing sensation Farahri debuts single

Zee's Notes: Ottawa born Farahri (Farah Mitha) is the new hip-hop sensation with her debut single 'Dance the Night Away'. She's performed for audiences in many cities across the globe and now is making her way up the charts in North America.

Fusing Indian, African, Latin and Caribbean flavours with mainstream pop, rock, hip hop and R&B, Ottawa native Farahri brings a rare mix of fresh sound and a multicultural embrace to the Canadian music scene.
Farahri's debut single, Dance The Night Away, is a feel-good dance track featuring Canadian rapper Choclair. With pop melodies, a Hindi interlude and a remix track with a reggae-dancehall beat, both tracks are fusions of diverse genres, languages and sounds.
"I want to create a platform where it's okay to mix cultural influences with accessible music genres, like pop," says Farahri. "I think the world is ready for this now."
Raised as an Indian-Canadian in an English- and French-speaking home by African-born parents, Farahri wants her music to promote diversity and encourage people to truly embrace other cultures, not just tolerate them.
Fluent in French, English and Kutchi, Farahri also sings in Swahili, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic and Jamaican Patois.
In addition, Farahri is also involved as a donor and volunteer for the Aga Khan Development Centre, an international NGO that conducts relief programmes in historic cities regardless of citizens' faith, origin or gender.
Farahri also recently renewed her 2010 watch endorsement campaign with AMA Swiss Watch Company.

Check out her video and interview

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