Friday, December 18, 2009

Ismaili Community Inpires - Editorial Comment

Zee's Notes: Interesting editorial reply in a Dallas newspaper.

Ismaili community inspires

For the last 45 minutes of each weekly, three hour, lesson students go leave while parents get a chance to meet with teachers. During this time, students participate in a variety of activities, including yoga, and spanish lessons. Here, students, Saarim Khakwani, center, and Aahil Ajani, left in orange shirt, of the advanced level, 5-6 year old group, close their eyes and focus on the lessons they learned that day as part of cool-down exercie. Photographed on Monday, November 20, 2009 at the Ismaili Jamatkhana & Center in Carrollton. JEFFREY PORTER/Staff PhotographerRe: "Involved, inspiring -- Program lets Ismaili Muslim parents share learning experience," Thursday news story.

It has been my privilege to work with members of this Ismaili community for almost 30 years. These first-generation Americans have readily incorporated their lives and their families into our social and economic fabric. During the annual Partnership Walk event, there are American flags flying. Their children come dressed in their Boy Scout and Girl Scout uniforms.
I have seen many of these children grow up to pursue their dream careers as businessmen, professionals and even a racecar driver. Several of these young people have interned in our law office prior to becoming lawyers themselves.
The outreach of the Ismaili community to the population at large is notable and laudable. Their members encourage inclusiveness in their community activities.
With such great potential, it is sad to see daily reminders of the dangerous world in which we live. Perhaps our greatest collective failure has been to cast all members of a community or a religion as extremists, occupiers or terrorists, based on the acts of a few disenchanted and disenfranchised fanatics.
Rather than the daily deluge of stories of terrorism that evoke fear and prejudice, our community, and especially our children, would be better served by stories that provide hope and inspiration for our way of life.
Marcel M. Weiner, Dallas

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