Friday, November 20, 2009

Ismailis in the News - Naguib Kheraj closes GPB 2b JP Morgan buyout

Zee's Notes: Morning Chai first caught Naguib Kheraj when the Queens Banker, as he was called, took the top job at JP Morgan Cazenove in October 2008. This week it was announced that Wall St. bank JP Morgan was buying out the balance of the European Investment bank which Naguib is the CEO for GBP 2b giving many of the executives a windfall on their shares and speculation has Naguib being handed a key role at JP Morgan.

Cazenove eyes Europe after £2bn buy-out deal

Naguib Kheraj has successfully landed the £2bn JP Morgan Cazenove deal. Five years in the making, the agreement concludes the US bank's buy-out of the Queen's stockbroker and recasts Cazenove's blue-blooded bankers as multi-millionaires. 

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