Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ismailis in the News - Dr. Vali Jamal

Zee's Notes: I came in contact with Dr. Vali Jamal entirely via the internet. His is an amazing story of a man who, though booted out of his home by Idi Amin, came back and loves to tell about the country he loves. His compelling story includes living in Canada as well as obtaining a doctorate degree from one of the most prestigous Universities in the world - Stanford and to boot, working for the UN as an economist for 25 years. He is writing a book about the Ugandan Asians and also writes articles about life in Uganda from his busy cafe in Kampala. Recently he has started a blog (see below) which I am definitely subscribing to and inshallah one day look forward to meeting him in person...

First his story as articled in New Vision in December 2007

His Blog: For those of you from Kampala you will be absolutely floored by Dr. Jamal's look at life back in the old days and his recollection of events and people is simply mind boggling - you'll think you're back in your youthful days...

His forthcoming book:

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