Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ismailis in the News - Ali Velshi - CNN


Zee's Notes: I've followed Ali Velshi ever since he was a reporter on BNN - Canada's financial TV channel - and in the past few years he has become a household word in North America from his perch as a financial anchor on CNN. He will be in Toronto on June 17-19 to speak at Moses Znaimers IdeaCity09 - billed as a gathering of 50 of the planet's brightest minds.

Here is a great article on Ali's trek from Canada's centre of the universe to now the actual centre of the universe - New York City. I never knew his father is Murad Velshi - the first Ismaili in Canada to be elected as a member of a legislature - Provincial or Federal - he was an MPP in Ontario in 1987-1990.

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