Monday, April 20, 2009

You're being tapped...are you ready ?

Zee's Notes: The Susan Boyles story received the most response out of any of the blogs in the past 3 years. Seemed a nerve was touched and that nerve was that the Morning Chai family really felt happy for her in that she achieved success against all odds - the biggest one being herself.

I don't know but maybe it has to do with the current economic climate that's threatening all of us. What I'm reading and hearing out there is that people are scared like they've never been scared in their lifetime - not only for themselves but also for their children. I'll leave the gory details out but if you read this you already know what's going on - nanima has sung (no my nanima was not a fat lady !) and now all the excesses of the past decade have come home to roost and we will have to get back to the fundamentals of living within our means - hey haven't we heard this for 50 years - so kudos to those who have been living this guidance. Anyhow we are neither there nor here and going forward people will need to alter their way of thinking and face this challenge with great courage and faith.

My thoughts on this are that we as humans only get tapped by the divine in times of turmoil - for some reason I seriously believe that. When things are good for us I think Allah, in his infinite wisdom, pretty well leaves us alone to have our party as long as we can do so in moderation. But we all get carried away and why buy a house we can comfortably afford when we can get a 40 year low interest mortgage with a balloon payment and really go for the million dollar 4 bedroom with all the bells and whistles. Works for some - we do know that only 5% of the people can live like that - don't we ?

Anyhow back to my line - tough times are an unbelievable opportunity for us to re-connect our relationship with our soul and along with that jump back on the rope that we call the light of Allah. A rich happy gentlemen once told me the greatest lessons he learnt in his life was during the times when he had nothing and the only thing that kept him going was his faith in that Light and the belief that there was something guiding him every single day - true story !!!

The time is now for us to strenghten that faith and come through these tough times stronger than ever - the ball is clearly in our court - yes you can have it all but are you prepared to lob some top spin crosscourts into the challenge of your life ? I think so and you have some unique qualities that will get you there...inshallah I hope to cover more of this in the days and months ahead and hopefully share with you some strategies that are working for the 5%...though I guarantee you know most of what you will hear from me...

I found this gem from Google Videos and needs no commentary.

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