Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Farah Nasser...Ismailis in the Media

Farah Nasser

Reporter, "CityNews"

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Farah Nasser caught the journalism bug early in life. Beginning in elementary school, Farah would bring in daily newspaper clippings for 'show and tell,' updating her classmates on the latest events and happenings in the world. It wasn't until highschool that Farah got to really report for local cable television station, Rogers Television in Mississauga.

In university, Farah made the jump to radio; first as a producer, then as a reporter and anchor for 1010 CFRB in Toronto. Upon graduation, Farah took the job of television reporter at Toronto 1, before making the move to A-Channel Barrie/Toronto in 2004.
Farah joined the "CityNews" news team in August of 2006, as General Assignment Reporter, where she continues to cover the latest in what's happening in and around Toronto.

Farah's previous work experience includes a summer internship at CNN International in New Delhi, India. An experience of a lifetime, Farah got to meet with South Asian politicians, a Bollywood producer and even interviewed Mahatma Ghandi's great grandson during her internship.


Ryerson University, Radio and Television Arts.
University of Westminster (London, England), European Media Studies.


When she's not chasing the news, Farah enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, rollerblading and attempting to cook Indian food like her mom (she hasn't quite mastered that one yet!)

Farah devotes a lot of time doing volunteer work. She is involved in the AgaKhan Foundation, a charity that provides sustainable solutions for the underprivileged in Asia and Africa. "I truly believe every Canadian should travel to a third world country at least once in their lifetime," says Farah. "After seeing children who most likely will never get an education, women being treated like second class citizens and seniors who don't have any form of healthcare at all, I just couldn't sit still."

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