Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aga Khan - Central Asia Visit

His Excellency President Emomali Rahmon presents Mawlana Hazar Imam with a gift of traditionalTajik garments. Photo: Rahim Khoja

Zee's Notes: MHI recently completed his Golden Jubilee visit to Central Asia. There was a time when independant bloggers brought timely news and info on MHI's activities however, I am very impressed by the quality of info presented by our very own and websites. So if you want the complete news and highlights:

Prince Karim Aga Khan IV arrives in Taldykorgan
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 30 Oct 2008

Kazakh PM receives Prince Karim Aga Khan IV
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 29 Oct 2008

Prince Aga Khan IV expected in Kazakhstan
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 27 Oct 2008

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