Monday, November 10, 2008

Aga Khan visit to Canada - It's Official !!!

From The Canada GJ Website

Zee's Notes: On Saturday November 8th the announcement was made in all JK's across Canada of MHI's visit to Canada November 18-25th. The dates for individual cities were annouced the following day - the darbars will be held in Toronto (Nov 22/23), Calgary(Nov 24) and Vancouver(Nov 25). Complete info is available on the Canada GJ website:

The following message was in all the regional editions of the electronic Al-Akhbar on the weekend.


On behalf of all the Jamati Institutions, Mukhi Kamadia sahebs and Mukhiani Kamadiani sahebas, we extend our warmest Mubaraki to the Jamat on the historic occasion of our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam's Golden Jubilee visit to Canada.

The Golden Jubilee is an occasion for us to renew and reaffirm our unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty to our beloved Imam-e-Zaman. We offer our humble shukrana to our Imam for his guidance, his tremendous efforts on behalf of the Jamat and the broader Ummah, and his endeavors to improve the quality of life of the communities amongst whom we live.

The celebration of Mawlana Hazar Imam's visit is a major undertaking and we sincerely thank the outstanding and selfless dedication of the countless sevadaris and donors who have contributed selflessly over many months to prepare for a memorable visit.

We pray that this historic Golden Jubilee continues to bring peace, spiritual and material happiness, and inspires the global Jamat for generations to come (Amen).


Over the coming weeks, we will keep the Jamat informed of plans every step of the way as follows:

1. Jamatkhana announcements.

2. The website will offer regular updates on Darbar information.

3. Starting tomorrow night, you can visit the Information Desks located in Jamatkhana loggias.

4. You can also call the Golden Jubilee Hotline at 1-877-570-2008 from 6:00am until midnight Pacific Time starting Sunday.

5. Weekly and special editions of the Al-Akhbar and Electronic Al-Akhbar.

6. We will publish a Golden Jubilee Information Guide closer to the Darbar day

7. We will also publish a Regional Information Brochure closer to Darbar day, which will include parking maps, facility maps, and information you will find useful for the day of the Darbar.

8. Members of the local and national leadership will visit the Jamat over the coming weeks to share further information on this historic visit to Canada.


waduri said...

Zul, If you call the Hotline on the same website, dates have been revealed already...

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