Monday, October 20, 2008

Ismaili receives Award in Calgary

Zee's Notes: The Albert Oil sector has ridden the global economic boom train over the past 2 decades. There are well over 10,000 Ismailis who live in Calgary and Edmonton and the community has prospered along with the $147 barrel of oil. Just 10 years ago I remember you could buy a condo in the Belt Line area of Calgary for less than $50,000 and prices have tripled if not quadrupled since then. But the Ismailis have given back and how - the community participates fully in the fabric of the cowboy lifestyle and examples include Rahim Jaffer - the high profile member of the ruling Conservative Government who sadly just recently lost his seat - though I have no doubt Rahim will be front and center soon in Ottawa - the nation's capital.

Jaffer served city well -The Edmonton Journal : Saturday, Oct. 18

Energy TV recently recognized Ayaz Gulamhussein , the dynamic coordinator of the World Partnership Golf and Bridges that Unite in Calgary.

Here is Ayaz at the opening of the Bridges that Unite launch.(turn up the volume)

Here is an interesting video of the Ismaili float at the world famous Calgary Stampede - the Calgary Ismaili float team has won numerous Team and Individual Awards at the festival over the past 25 years.

Thanks to our colleagues at IsmailiMail for this one.

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