Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Forgiveness - Ethic of Islam

Zee's Notes: On a day when we celebrate one of Islam's holiest events it only seems natural to remember one of it's strongest ethic - Forgiveness...

Azim Khamisa did 2 things - one which shook his very core as a human being and second which changed the lives of many around him - first he buried his only son 20 year old Tariq who died from a senseless gang shooting and then went out and publicly forgave and embraced his son's killer - a 14 year old - and used that as a foundation to take that message to millions of youth to stay away from a world of violence at the same time liberating himself to living life to the fullest.

Now I personally don't know how it is to forgive someone who has committed a horrific act on me or my family and there are many of us who have things in our life which we say we will never forgive but stay with me for one second and try to feel the liberation if we are able to do what Azim Khamisa achieved in living within the ethic of Islam - that to me is the magic of Islam.

So the punch line is that we are all capable of having the freedom that Islam promises but how hungry are we to find the truth (Islam) that is truly within us by living it's ethics daily 24/7 - so next time you're in front of a mirror look squarely at that gorgeous person because only he/she can take you there...

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