Sunday, September 28, 2008

ISM Photography Competition - 2008

ISM Global Creations Inc. is a privately owned and independent company. This project and it's creator, Ashifa Asaria are not associated with any of the Aga Khan or Jamati Institutions.
This project is created out of Ashifa's passion for photography and giving back to the community. What is special about photography is that anyone at any age can take pictures and that each individual has their unique way of looking at the world.


Zee's Notes: One of the many aspects of MHI's Golden Jubilee has been the many 'official' projects to commemerate this historic achievement e.g. Golden Jubilee Games, The Heritage Discovery Programme, Ali to Karim : A Tribute to Ismaili Imams, Historic Cities Programme etc. At the same time there have been many private and individual efforts such as Victoria's Ashifa Asaria's ISM Photo Competition. There are many who cannot participate at the Institutional level for various reasons though they have the desire and talent to do so privately and to me this should be applauded - the only caveat being that we ensure that there is transperency in what we are doing and to adhere to our ethics and Ashifa's ISM photo competition certainly does that - so please pass this on and participate with enthusiasm.

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