Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Road to the Games...Pamirs or is that Hunza

Zee's notes: One of Morning Chai's goals was to bring together Ismailis thoughout the world so we could meet one another and really see the real strength of our diverse Community. What the Golden Jubilee has done is to bring forth numerous initiatives, mostly institutional, but now moreso personal labors of love in celebrating this incredible moment. During the Darbars in the US, Dubai and East Africa we got to know more about ourselves and with the GJG in Nairobi even more expressions of who we are. Today you will meet some very interesting and bright students halfway across the world who are using the internet in the same way as Morning Chai - to unite and bring will love this site:

In keeping with the theme of the GJG in Nairobi meet a couple of soccer (ok...Football) from the Pamir mountains who will represent Dubai at the games.

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