Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I can't believe its been 6 months since I posted my last blog. At that time it was just to see if I could master the intricacies of setting up a blog and writing with any consistent basis - never underestimate the value of time and how little one has - however blogging avails one to the incredible opportunity to interact with your readers and subscribers. Of which, you must have noticed there hasn't been any action on for some time and there is no other bigger reason than to admit negligence on my part as I try to envision where Morning Chai needs to be in the whole scheme of creating and building community - we are 15 million strong after all. So I'll say this much - Morning Chai is coming back soon and inshallah with much more gusto - in fact many subscribers have demanded that it do so and very quickly - one even offered to buy it out - though I think he was trying to offer a foreclosure price - must have been from one of the Wall Street banks - though I must say he woke me up from my slumber and made me realize what a good thing this could be and I would hate myself in the morning if I didn't give it my all - with passion and conviction - you readers would want no less....thanks to everyone who has been in touch - I do sincerely appreciate it....YAM

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